Effective and Affordable Sex Addiction Treatment for Saudis at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Do you obsess about sex on a regular basis? Do you spend hours watching pornography or seeking out sexual encounters to satisfy a craving? Have you experienced feelings of shame or guilt from acting on your sexual cravings?

You’re not alone. According to data collected by a popular online porn site, Saudi Arabia ranks seventh as the top porn-searching nations around the world. Porn use itself isn’t necessarily indicative of sex addiction – but they are certainly related.

In a world so focused on sex, it’s sometimes hard to know when we cross the line into addiction. But the fact is, sex addiction is a real behavioural disorder affecting many people and making it virtually impossible for them to sustain healthy, meaningful relationships.

The good news is that there’s help. With quality treatment, you can be freed from your addiction and maintain a healthy sex life and fulfilling relationships.

Do you have an addiction – or do you just enjoy sex? Read on to find out.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is a process addiction classified by compulsive sexual acts and/or thoughts. Just like drug or alcohol addiction, sex addiction is caused by a malfunction in the brain’s reward circuitry.

Sex addiction can be difficult for sufferers to identify in themselves, as it presents in a variety of ways.

Though symptoms vary from person to person, there is one defining feature of sex addiction: the negative consequences associated with the behaviour.

A sex addict will generally suffer many consequences, including disruptions to their family life, work life and their sense of personal identity. It often also causes extreme feelings of shame and guilt, which can lead to depression and isolation from others.

Now that we’ve covered the most common symptoms of sex addiction, let’s explore the many different drivers of compulsive sexual behaviour.

Types of Compulsive Sex

Though this list is not exhaustive, sex addicts are most likely to be driven by one or more of the following 10 categories of addictive sex:

  • Fantasy sex: A preoccupying obsession with a sexual fantasy that replaces genuine sexual feelings
  • Seductive role sex: Treating your partner as a conquest that you win through charm or manipulation, which gives you a sense of power
  • Voyeuristic sex: Having an obsession with watching others engage in intercourse; isolating yourself in order to masturbate as often as possible—even to the point of injury
  • Exhibitionist sex: Being aroused by exposing sexual parts of the body to others in public, or engaging in sex in view of others
  • Paying for sex: Preferring to pay people for sex in order to avoid genuine connection
  • Trading sex: Using sex as a commodity by which you trade goods or services in exchange for sex; avoiding intimacy or connection
  • Intrusive sex: Being aroused by touching others without their consent. This especially applies to people use their position of power to gain sexual access
  • Anonymous sex: Compulsively engaging in sex with strangers
  • Pain exchange sex: Being obsessed with causing pain or humiliation to another person or receiving it yourself
  • Exploitive sex: Being aroused by engaging in sex against someone’s will. Examples include rape or paedophilia

Consequences of Sex Addiction

Left untreated, sex addiction has many detrimental effects on your life, and can often lead to the following consequences:

  • Strained or destroyed relationships
  • Contracting a sexually transmitted infection
  • Lack of enjoyment in life and isolation from others
  • Propensity for cross addictions (e.g. drug, alcohol or gambling addictions)
  • Loss of interest in work or school
  • Serious feelings of shame, guilt, hopelessness and depression
  • Financial turmoil
  • Imprisonment

Overall, sex addiction wreaks havoc on personal lives on many levels.

Unfortunately, it’s challenging to combat because – unlike substance addiction – sex is not something that can realistically be abstained from in most cases. In addition, triggers are unavoidable – we’re constantly surrounded by images and messages of sex.

Without professional treatment – and completely removing yourself from your day-to-day environment – sex addiction is incredibly difficult to overcome.

The Cabin Chiang Mai: Effective, Confidential Treatment for Sex Addiction

If you’re struggling with sex addiction, The Cabin Chiang Mai’s inpatient programme is the turning point you have been looking for.

The Cabin’s proven Recovery Zones method, which has a 96% completion rate, is specifically designed to treat process addictions for which complete abstinence is not possible, like sex addiction. Using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), The 12 Steps and mindfulness therapy, our treatment programme teaches you the coping skills and tools necessary to develop healthy relationships – and a healthy sex life.

Certified and highly trained clinical professionals help you get to the root cause of your sex addiction and create a treatment plan individually tailored to your needs. The Cabin Chiang Mai also offers family therapy options to help you restore your relationships, as your addiction has almost certainly affected those close to you.

The time for change is now.

Get Help for Your Sex Addiction Today.

The statistics are clear: the sooner you seek help for your sex addiction, the more likely you are to recover. If you recognise yourself if the symptoms on this page, contact us now for a free, no-obligation assessment. Take the first step toward getting your life back today.

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