Effective Co-occurring Disorder Treatment for Saudis at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Do you sometimes feel that there’s more to your addiction than meets the eye?

Addiction frequently presents with an accompanying disorder. These linked afflictions, called dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders, can be an addiction to more than one substance simultaneously or addiction combined with one or more psychological disorders.

Drug and alcohol abuse are on the rise in Saudi Arabia despite strict laws against using either, and related disorders are following a similar trend. A recent study found that an overwhelming 48% of Saudis suffer from mental health disorders, although the global average is approximately 25%.

Because co-occurring disorders are frequently linked in the development as well as maintenance of addictive behaviours, they should both be addressed simultaneously in order to give you the best shot at recovery.

Fortunately, The Cabin specialises in effectively treating multiple disorders at the same time.

Common Psychological Disorders That Co-occur With Addiction Include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Bi-polar
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Schizophrenia

More than one-half of people who suffer from addiction also suffer from some form of psychological disorder. The effects of the illness are often what drove them to addiction in the first place.

Many people struggling with disorders such as depression and anxiety will use alcohol or prescription drugs to self-medicate. Although it may initially appear to help alleviate stress, self-medication tends to lead to substance abuse, which actually exacerbates the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This creates a vicious cycle of dependence.

The Cabin’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Method

Treatment for individuals with dual diagnosis is more difficult than for those battling only addiction.

For one thing, clients with co-occurring disorders are high risk and have a much higher suicide rate. Additionally, treatment can be complicated since many of the symptoms for mental illness and addiction mimic and feed off each other, making the symptoms of both disorders worse.

Misdiagnosis is common among people with co-occurring disorders, which is doubly unfortunate as failure to identify and treat co-occurring disorders is the leading cause of relapse.

At The Cabin Chiang Mai, we know that a deep understanding of dual diagnosis is vital to successful recovery and relapse prevention. Our team of addiction counsellors, psychiatrists and psychologists are specialists in this field. Before arrival at our centre, you’ll receive an extensive psychological assessment to determine if you have a co-occurring disorder. Based on the results, our clinical team will establish a direct relationship with your referring physician in order to determine the most effective treatment plan, as well as to ensure cohesive medical treatment during and after his or her stay at The Cabin.

Clients with multiple disorders need comprehensive care. If you’re diagnosed with dual disorders, our clinical team will draw up a customised treatment plan for you that addresses every aspect of your condition. You’ll receive special one-one-one counselling sessions that focus specifically on your co-occurring disorder. These sessions will be augmented by mindfulness therapy – a combination of meditation and yoga that has been scientifically proven to effectively alleviate symptoms of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. At the same time, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mind mapping and group counselling sessions with a 12-Step approach are used to deal with overcoming your addiction.

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