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Welcome to The Cabin Saudi Arabia Luxury Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to The Cabin Saudi Arabia, where you’ll find the world’s leading addiction and mental wellness treatment programmes, specifically tailored for clients living in the Middle East and comfortably located in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our luxury facility is one of the top rehab destinations in Asia.
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The Cabin Residential Rehabilitation Centre

At The Cabin Saudi Arabia, we specialize in treating a wide range of substance addictions, mental health concerns and process addictions. From personality, mood or adjustment disorders to serious substance abuse concerns like drug or alcohol abuse, we employ modern and effective psychological services and treatment plans that can help virtually any client to conquer their addiction. The Cabin Saudi Arabia is a specialised addiction treatment centre that delivers the absolute highest quality treatment under the direct supervision of board-certified doctors, medical care staff and our dedicated support team. Mental health care is equally as important as physical health management, and our professional team is acutely focused on making sure that you or your loved one is given every opportunity to lead a full and productive life.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with most of the modern Islamic world, has seen a significant rise in alcohol consumption, drug abuse and compulsive behaviours – especially in areas that have seen a large influx of expats. Even in countries where alcohol and drugs are forbidden, there now exists a sizeable black market for these illicit substances, and the severe penalties associated with drug or alcohol use have dissuaded many individuals from seeking the help they need. Many Middle Eastern countries also lack the facilities to help addicts – even those who are outwardly seeking help. And, the social stigma and family shame that is often a by-product of publicly seeking help is enough to keep most addicts away from the support they need. When Saudi addicts do seek help, they often find that domestic options aren’t comprehensive enough to create positive, lasting results. This is why The Cabin is considered the leading destination for Saudis seeking help battling their addictive behaviours.

Why The Cabin Saudi Arabia is a Leader in Modern Addiction Treatment 

Saudi clients who choose The Cabin will discover a world-class treatment centre that is intentionally located in a serene, tranquil part of the world – far away from the distractions and temptations of modern Saudi society. Located in the scenic mountains of Northern Thailand, The Cabin invites you to relax in a soothing and comfortable environment. Each client resides in a private Thai-style bungalow, enjoying luxury accommodations, a peaceful and relaxing tone and a distraction-free lifestyle that is ideally suited to addiction recovery.

Clients at The Cabin will work through a structured addiction management plan that is custom tailored to each individual. And, there will be plenty of activities available in the local area to promote good mental health and a positive sense of self. Clients can take time to explore the local historical sites, ancient ruins and temples, and other destinations, or elevate their sense of adventure by zip-lining through the jungle canopy, trekking on the back of an elephant, or hiking through the jungle foliage on a guided walk. The Cabin is ideally suited to supporting Saudi addicts as they work their way through the customized recovery program, and the surrounding areas are a part of the reason why we boast a 96% success rate for our treatment programs.

The Cabin Offers Both English and Arabic Treatment Options

Saudi clients who choose The Cabin to combat their drug, alcohol, or other addiction will find a world-class treatment centre that is as tranquil as it is effective. Clients can choose between the traditional English language program that draws upon Western philosophies of treatment, or the Arabic language option that is staffed by native Arabic speakers. The English language option is staffed by an expert team of Western-trained counsellors and some of Thailand’s leading medical professionals to deliver the highest possible level of treatment and care for Saudi clients.

The Arabic program adheres to the same high standards of treatment as the Western program, and maintains the strictest levels of privacy and confidentiality. It operates with a culturally sensitive mind-set, is family inclusive and offers halal food and other culturally appropriate options. We’ve found that many of our Saudi clients are more comfortable working with those who speak Arabic as a native language, so we offer this program as an in-treatment option for our valued clients.

Recovery Zones: The Cabin’s Treatment Methodology

The Cabin offers a series of intelligent, modern and clinically proven inclient treatment programs that artfully blend treatment activities with holistic remedies that have proven to deliver a better sense of wellbeing and overall health. We employ group therapy sessions, mindfulness therapy, one-on-one therapy and physical movement therapy to create a well-rounded approach to wellness and addiction management. Saudi clients who arrive with co-current conditions, like a mood disorder or depression, will receive medically-appropriate treatment for those conditions and the addiction at the same time.
Guests at The Cabin also have access to physical training classes that have proven highly effective as a co-treatment activity for those suffering from a range of addictive disorders. Clients can participate in yoga classes, body combat, Pilates, complete fitness sessions, mountain biking and more. Our experienced team of fitness professionals will guide you through physical therapy sessions, honing in on the specific physical fitness issues faced by many addicts today.

The Cabin has received global recognition for its compassionate and highly effective treatment approach, which includes:

    • Our personalized 12-step programme
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Mindfulness meditation

The Cabin offers a wide range of treatment options.  A 28-day accelerated programme is available for those who are ready to intensively treat their addiction, while 60- and 90-day options are available for those who need to address their addictive behaviour at a more measured pace. Family treatment programmes are available, too, which helps to ensure that family members of clients are as involved and educated about addiction and recovery as possible.

Saudis looking for a residential rehab centre for drug, alcohol or other addictions can contact The Cabin today – or we can contact you directly. Since we are based in Thailand, our cost of operation is significantly lower than rehab in Western countries. This means that you can expect to pay about 70% less than what it would normally cost in a premium treatment facility. Contact us today and discover all that The Cabin has to offer.


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