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The Cabin is one of the top detox rehab centers in Asia. Learn more about our inclient detox rehab services today and get the help you or a loved one needs. Our beautiful rehab facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand is uniquely designed to support the specific needs of our global clients – and we can help you, too.

The Cabin Residential Rehabilitation Centre

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia delivers strict punishment to those who abuse controlled substances, and this can often lead individuals who do have addiction problems to feel fearful about seeking help. That, plus the fact that there aren’t many residential treatment facilities in Saudi Arabia can lead to individuals in need of a detox to continue living in an unhealthy manner. Family shame is another consideration that many Saudis are concerned about, and that, too, leads to more cases of addicted individuals in The Kingdom. Today’s modern Saudi who is battling with drug or alcohol abuse often looks outside the country for help – and The Cabin Saudi Arabia is committed to helping Saudis with a comprehensive detox program at our residential rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai.

The Cabin is a specialized center that treats a wide range of substance addictions, process addictions, and mental health concerns. We combine modern medical science with a holistic approach to wellness that creates positive outcomes and lasting success for our valued patients. The Cabin Saudi Arabia employs an expert group of clinicians, therapists, medical professionals and support team members – all of whom embody our focus on the patient at all times. The ultimate goal is to empower the guest with all of the tools necessary to lead an addiction-free life, full of hope, promise, and positivity.

Why The Cabin is a Leading Modern Detox Centre

Saudi patients who visit The Cabin will encounter a world-class treatment facility that provides the absolute best in detox services available today. Patients will stay on-site, in private Thai-style bungalows that feature luxurious accoutrements and a stunning location right along the serene Ping River. The entire campus fosters a peaceful, relaxing tone that is perfect for supporting an effective detox. And, the Cabin is in beautiful Chiang Mai, which boasts incredibly cultural opportunities and historic sites that are a must-see when in the area.

During inpatient detox rehab, guests at The Cabin will work through a systematic course of study that first identifies the core reasons for the addictive behavior. Then, patients will heal and learn to manage their addictions for life through a series of structured activities and wellness programs. To balance out the detox program, patients will have weekly excursions into Chiang Mai, where they can choose from a wide variety of fun and exciting things to do.

The goal is to reintroduce the concept of fun to our valued clients, without them resorting to controlled substances, alcohol, or process addictions. They can go zip-lining through the jungle canopy or ride an elephant on a jungle trek. Historic temples and natural wonders abound in the area, and more sedate options are available, too – like visiting hot springs, natural waterfalls, or viewing wildlife. Our detox rehab delivers an extremely high success rate (96%) because we teach patients how to regain control over their lives and enjoy every minute of it.

The Cabin Offers Both English and Arabic Detox Options

Our residential detox program is available in both English and Arabic, which is particularly good for Saudis who may be more comfortable working with a native speaker throughout the course of their treatment. The English-language program is conducted based on Western principles of detoxification, and employs a seasoned staff of medical professionals, therapists, counselors, and support team members who collaborate to create a supportive and caring environment for patients from all parts of the globe.

Our Arabic-language program delivers the same high-quality detox program as the English-language version, but operates with a greater degree of cultural sensitivity in mind. Arabic-speaking instructors will work closely with our Saudi guests, and operate in a family-inclusive manner at all times. Halal foods are offered, and Islamic religious and cultural considerations are kept in mind to ensure adherence to all applicable codes and customs. Our Saudi clients often report a greater sense of comfort when paired with an Arabic-language group, so we are pleased to offer this program to our valued patients.

The Cabin’s Treatment and Detox Methodology

By artfully blending modern detox rehab methodology with proven holistic methods, The Cabin delivers superior results and a safe, comfortable experience for our patients and their families. Guests at our inpatient detox center can expect one-on-one and group therapy sessions, mindfulness and meditation activities, physical training and movement classes, and more. And, any patients who arrive with co-current conditions or a dual diagnosis will receive appropriate care under the supervision of a professional medical team.

In addition to the wide range of therapeutic services and counseling sessions, guests will also be encouraged to participate in physical training activities to boost their overall sense of wellness and improve their likelihood of a successful rehab program. Activities like Pilates, yoga, body combat training, swimming, mountain biking, and even complete physical fitness sessions can help guests feel alive and empowered to continue detoxing in a safe and comfortable manner.

Our detox facility has received global acclaim for excellence, and employs a wide range of sophisticated treatment methods, including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Weekly Excursions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy/Relaxation
  • Drama and Art Therapy

Patients should contact The Cabin today to discuss the various detox programs available – including our 28-day accelerated course that is a powerful yet condensed options for Saudis who don’t have a full 60 or 90 days in which to detox. If possible, patients are encouraged to fully immerse in the program with a longer stay at The Cabin.

Our world-class detox rehab facility in Chiang Mai can help you or a loved one recover from addictive behaviors, and our location in Northern Thailand means our cost of operation is significantly lower than you’d find in the West – making The Cabin incredibly affordable and the ideal solution for anyone requiring inpatient detox treatments. Contact us today and discover all that The Cabin has to offer.

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