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Our substance abuse rehabilitation program is one of the top substance abuse treatment centres in Asia. If you or a loved one is currently battling with a substance abuse problem, contact us immediately to learn more about how we can help you today. Our location in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand, is ideally suited to fostering a sense of wellness and recovery in our valued patients.

The Cabin Residential Rehabilitation Centre

Substance abuse rehab centres are few and far between in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and part of this lies in the fact that the penalties for substance abuse are so severe that many addicted individuals are too afraid to seek help. Others are worried about the sense of shame they may feel when their families find out about their drug, alcohol, or process dependency, while some simply feel that they cannot afford to seek treatment from a reputable rehab facility. This is why The Cabin is such a tremendous resource for Saudis battling with substance abuse today.

At The Cabin, we treat a variety of addictive behaviors and mental health concerns. From mood or personality disorders to serious substance abuse issues like illegal or prescription drug abuse or alcohol dependency, we employ modern and effective treatment plans that can help any patient realize their full potential and overcome the addiction. Our substance abuse treatment facility operates under the watchful eye of an incredible team of medical professionals, counselors, therapists, and support personnel – including some of Thailand’s leading medical professionals. Mental health is as important as good physical health, and our supportive team is committed to providing the highest levels of care so you or your loved one can lead a full and productive life – free from substance abuse and addictive behaviors.

Why The Cabin Saudi Arabia is a Leader in Modern Substance Abuse Treatment

Saudi patients who choose The Cabin will find a world-class treatment centre located along the banks of the wondrous Ping River in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand. Guests will stay in private, Thai-style bungalows that offer luxury accoutrements and a serene, tranquil environment to support the substance abuse detox. This distraction-free setting feels worlds away from home, and that contributes to a better ability for most patients to focus on their wellness and The Cabin’s intensive detox treatment.

Patients will systematically work their way through a structured addiction management plan that will be customized to the needs of the individual. Plenty of activities are available in Chiang Mai to help promote good health, a sense of adventure, and a positive outlook on life, and weekly excursions are part of the substance abuse treatment plan, too. Guests will have the opportunity to explore local historic sites, ancient ruins and temples, and other impressive destinations in the area. Or, adventurous patients can partake in ATV rides through the jungle, zip-lining, elephant trekking, and more. These activities are designed to reintroduce a sense of fun back into the lives of our patients – without them resorting to drugs or alcohol for a good time.

Both English and Arabic Treatment Options Are Available

Saudi guests to The Cabin have the option of participating in either English or Arabic-language programmes, and many choose the latter option based on the comfort level of working with a native speaker. The English-language program draws heavily on Western philosophies of treatment, and is staffed by an expert group of counselors, therapists, clinicians, and medical professionals who will deliver the highest possible care at all times.

The Arabic-language option adheres to the same elevated standards as our English version, but operates under strict commitment to Islamic customs and codes. Halal foods are available for our Islamic patients, and a family-inclusive environment is maintained. We’ve learned that our Saudi patients often operate better when led by an Arabic-speaking team, so we’re happy to provide this level of service to our valued Saudi clients.

The Cabin’s Treatment Methodology

By skillfully blending modern treatment methods with proven holistic activities and practices, The Cabin creates an effective and supportive environment in which to heal. Patients can expect individual and group therapy sessions, mindfulness activities and meditation, physical fitness and movement exercises, and more. Saudis who arrive with a co-current condition or dual diagnosis will receive appropriate treatment under the supervision of our professional medical team.

In addition to standard therapeutic activities, patients are encouraged to participate in physical training classes to boost confidence and support their rehab. Our experienced team of fitness experts offer a range of classes and experiences, from mountain biking to Pilates, body combat to yoga – all designed to support the unique needs of those suffering from substance abuse.

In addition, all guests can expect to receive:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Weekly Excursions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy/Relaxation
  • Drama and Art Therapy

A wide array of treatment programmes are available for you or a loved one, so contact us today and learn more about our offerings. Accelerated substance abuse rehab is one possible solution for the busy individual – taking just 28 days to complete and aggressively targeting the core drivers of the substance abuse in just four short weeks. The more immersive 60 and 90-day treatment programmes will provide the greatest likelihood of success, as patients will have significant time to work through their substance abuse issues with our team of therapists and counselors.

Saudis looking for a world-class substance abuse treatment facility should contact The Cabin today. Or, we can contact a potential guest directly in a discreet and confidential manner. Our location in Northern Thailand translates into lower costs for our guests and the highest standards of care. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive substance abuse rehab programmes and regain control of your life.

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