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Visit one of the top residential treatment centres in Asia and get the help that you or a family member needs. Learn more about how our residential treatment facility can help you work through an addiction, mental health disorder, or other disruptive compulsion by contacting one of our dedicated representatives today. Our residential treatment facility is located in tranquil Chiang Mai, Thailand, and delivers world-class care and support for patients from around the world.

The Cabin Residential Rehabilitation Centre

Residential rehab centres aren’t as common as one might think in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this has led many addicted individuals to forgo treatment and continue a life of dependency and poor health. Saudi Arabia also levies strict punishments on those who abuse drugs or alcohol, and that can dissuade even more potential patients from seeking help out of fear of criminal or civil penalties. Add to that the feeling of shame that many Saudis endure when admitting to their families that they have an addiction problem, and you can see why there is an increasing prevalence of substance abuse and addictive behaviors across the nation of Saudi Arabia. The Cabin is a safe and confidential residential treatment facility that can help Saudis who have problems with drug addiction, alcohol abuse, personality, mood, and adjustment disorders, and so much more.

At The Cabin, we employ a blend of modern and holistic treatment methods to create effective psychological treatment and physical wellness courses of treatment for our valued clients. Our residential treatment facility is acutely aware of the challenges facing those with addictive tendencies or psychological problems, and our proven track record of success will help our Saudi patients live full and rewarding lives.

Why The Cabin Saudi Arabia is a Leader in Modern Addiction Treatment

Our world-class residential treatment facility is located in serene Chiang Mai, Thailand and is positioned right along the banks of the Ping River. Chiang Mai is worlds away from the stressors and temptations of the modern Saudi World and invites patients to stay in private, Thai-style bungalows that are luxurious and relaxing. This distraction-free setting is perfect for helping patients work through their residential treatment program without worrying about a thing.

Patients will complete a structured series of rehab steps that comprise our overall wellness philosophy, and part of this plan is learning to enjoy life and the world around us without resorting to substance abuse or process addictions. For example, weekly excursions are planned that allow patients to explore local sites, historic temples and Buddhist monasteries. Or, more adventurous types can go zip-lining through the jungle, trekking with elephants, or ATV riding through the jungle floor. The Cabin is committed to boosting the overall sense of wellness and happiness in each client, and leaving the rehab facility on pre-planned excursions is a big part of the process.

The Cabin Offers Both English and Arabic Residential Treatment Options

Many Saudi patients prefer working alongside a native Arabic-speaking team, so we provide a high-quality Arabic-language program that delivers extremely high results and can make even the most traditional Islamic patient comfortable with the rehab process. The English program draws upon standard Western-style treatment methods, and is staffed by a team of highly-trained counselors who understand the latest in rehab processes – as well as more holistic approaches.

For those who do prefer the Arabic language option, patients can expect a comprehensive program that mirrors the English-language variant, but with a greater sense of cultural sensitivity toward the Islamic faith. Halal foods are offered, and family inclusiveness is a big part of the program. Cultural sensitivities run through this course of treatment, and each member of the Arabic-speaking team understands and appreciates the unique nuances of our Islamic patients.

The Cabin’s Treatment Methodology

Guests at The Cabin can expect a varied series of residential treatment activities, including one-on-one and group therapy sessions, mindfulness exercises, physical movement therapy, meditation, massage therapy and more. And, patients who arrive with co-current conditions or a dual diagnosis will receive appropriate medical care while under the supervision of our incredible medical and therapeutic teams. This well-rounded approach to wellness and recovery is a part of why we boast a 96% success rate among patients who complete the entire rehab course.

In addition to these treatment methods, patients will also have access to physical training classes that can help virtually anyone suffering from an addiction problem or mental health issue. Yoga, Pilates, body combat, mountain biking, swimming, and other physical activities are available to help boost self-confidence and overall wellness. And, our experienced team of fitness and physical therapy professionals will work closely with each guest to design a treatment plan that hones in on specific fitness issues faced by addicts and mental health patients.

Our guests will all receive therapy including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Weekly Excursions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy/Relaxation
  • Drama and Art Therapy

A wide range of treatment durations are available to help target and support each patient’s unique needs – from accelerated 28-day options to more immersive 60 and 90-day treatment plans. Family treatment plans are available, too, that can help the loved ones of the addicted individual better manage the treatment and post-treatment needs of the patient. Finally, our location in Northern Thailand results in significantly reduced operating costs, which means our treatment centre generally costs about a third of what you’d expect to pay in a Western treatment centre.

The important piece is to contact us right away to learn more about our comprehensive residential treatment centre. The Cabin is a world-class facility that can help you or a loved one lead a more productive, fulfilling life.

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