The Team at The Cabin

At The Cabin Chiang Mai’s rehab centre, we have assembled a team of Western trained and licensed alcohol and drug counselling specialists. Our professional rehab counselling team has many decades of combined experience in treating drug and alcohol addictions as well as a range of process addictions.

The counselling team is complemented by a fulltime medical staff specialised in addiction treatment comprised of a prominent psychiatrist, several psychologists and nursing staff who are onsite 24 hours, 7 days a week. The ratio of clinical staff to clients is 1 to 1 and overall the centre boasts 120 fulltime staff members.

As Asia’s leading rehab centre, you can expect the same high level of care you would receive at the top centres in the Western world while also enjoying the renowned warmth and compassion of local Thai staff.

The Cabin Foundation

The Cabin Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness about addiction problems in Thailand and to further provide education, training and support to those working and/or studying in the field of addiction treatment. The Foundation also works closely with government bodies and local authorities in an effort to create a positive environment for individuals suffering from addiction. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that sufferers of addiction, especially those who are less fortunate, are treated with compassion and understanding, and have access to the most effective treatment.

The Cabin Group

The Cabin Addiction Services Group is a leading provider of premium addiction treatment services with residential and outpatient treatment facilities around the world. Headquartered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Cabin Group is widely recognised as being at the forefront of addiction treatment by both the international behavioural health community and the media.

The Cabin specialises in treating both substance and process addictions using an innovative treatment model called Recovery Zones. It was developed to treat the wide spectrum of issues faced by addiction sufferers including underlying trauma, co-occurring addictions and mental health issues.

Recovery Zones helps clients to ‘tailor’ their treatment by building their own ‘abstinence contracts’ and ‘recovery plans’according to what fits with their life circumstances, medical issues and cultural background. The Cabin philosophy is to use every effective and evidence-based treatment method available and Recovery Zones provides the framework to do so. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 12 Steps, Mindfulness and EMDR are all used in conjunction with other complimentary therapies according to what is appropriate for each client and each issue.

This model has been independently verified to be more effective than conventional addiction treatment methods and yields an impressive 96% programme completion rate. This innovative and modern treatment model is used across all The Cabin addiction treatment centres.
Additionally, The Cabin Addiction Services Group is heavily involved in addiction research, attending and presenting at key conferences world-wide. The Cabin Group also actively supports several non-profit organisations and governments in the Asia-Pacific region in their efforts to combat addiction through training and guidance. To ensure continuity in helping address addiction issues in Thailand, the Group has established a foundation.